(week from 6 to 13 September 2004) Again it is in the Express found the most interesting. A view of Jacques Marseille shows the negative effects of free textbooks. Another article examines the mechanisms of memory. In the Nouvel Observateur, a report describes the return of a young teacher in a sensitive College of Evry. Bonnet donkey to the point that finds nothing better than to review a new book about the "pearls" of students … I gave the references of Figaro items mentioned in my review of Saturday’s press. It must indeed read the position of the Minister F.Fillon on the return to the authority and good old ways … Enjoy ———————– ———————————————— The new observer Thursday, September 9, 2004 – No. 2079 a Evry, in a "sensitive" College the first course of Anne-Sophie How does one fit right the first time and to teach french to students from all the continents? Caroline Brizard followed the first steps of a young teacher … Read More Article —————————- ———————————————— Point September 9, 2004 Back to school: Cultured pearls "Qu’alleges find inside? "Marjorie, in second, is doubtful. The reader, he found in the papers that publish Horay editions on the occasion of the https://www.homeworkmarket.me/
"return of dross," an anthology of mistakes, confusions and fantasies of our young schoolboy: classic but still irresistible "students Beads" "students Beads", "college Beads" (Horay, 7.50 euro each). Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——————————— the Express 13/09/04 Textbooks: Expensive free by Jacques Marseille historian and economist on the occasion of this autumn, free textbooks, inaugurated by the Center region in 1998, has spread to all regions, with the exception of Corsica awaits 2005. [ …] First effect of gratuity for regions such as Ile de France, Burgundy, Center or Paca, chose to directly pay the grant to the schools, the decision favored wholesalers and large retailers in detriment of libraries, which have seen their attendance decline and collapse their purchases of books other than school, such as dictionaries. Concentration of sales in favor of capitalist structures and diversion of families places of cultural mediation, this is really a social measure! Obliged also to make the books at the end of the year and to pay a penalty in case of deterioration, many students, especially the poorest, are careful … the open for fear of damaging them! […] Read more of the article Cecile Corre, Psychologist "No to the trivialization of racism among children" Teens have told me at college, when a child does not want to lend a pen, on balance it (whether Jewish or not) "! Stop making your Jewish" students, pawns in Parisian colleges have confirmed to me that racist remarks were now the ordinary. We no longer say, "You, fuck you …" but, "You, the nigga (if it’s a friend), you, the negro (if it is not one), you, the rebeu, you, yellow, you, the niac thee the feuj bringeth thee … "[…] Read more of the article memory T he secret past fifteen years, neuroscience has accumulated discoveries on brain function. It is time to draw practical lessons and thereby improve the capabilities of our central organ. This is what offers Your memory. Although the know, use it (Larousse, 320 p., 25 €.). Coordinated by Dr. Bernard Croisile, neurologist at the Neurological Hospital in Lyon, this book brings together contributions of about twenty specialists. All aspects of the problem are addressed, the description of the neural circuits in the brain diseases. This encyclopedia, easy access, allows to play down the issue. A simple fear of "blackouts" is not in fact turn into obsessive anxiety. Here are 20 questions that this book helps to answer Read More Article ———————————- —————————————— Le Figaro-Magazine Saturday, September 11, 2004 Francois Fillon in the school of Grand Meaulnes Read the interview with Francois Fillon school: the past is recipe … Read More Article —————— ————————————————– ——– Politis 2 September 2004 Nothing seen … ——————————– ——————————————– Posted by Watrelot Monday, September 13, 2004

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