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December 23, 2018 – Milan After the coup of Brescia and the victories of Avellino and Brindisi, ends today the eleventh round of Serie A with the big match at the Assago Forum between the first and third, won the tricolor with a big James. Trento scoops Pesaro and engages the Marche at an altitude 8. MILAN-VARESE 72-67 Milan, without Gudaitis and Micov, the pits for muscle problems, defend their unbeaten record by winning a vibrant derby against a combative Varese.

After initially not exactly exhilarating it rises challenge of tone in the second half with Varese hooking and try to escape driven by Scrubb, Avramovic and Archie. In the final the last word is usual possessed Mike James (27 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists in 30 ‘). Former Pana, and a positive Della Valle are the decisive factors in the partial of 17-2 that gives the Italian champions the eleventh league title.

AX Armani Exchange Milan-Varese 72-67 Openjobmetis the game – E ‘of Nedovic the first basket, triple, which opens the derby at high altitudes of the Forum between Milan and Varese. Better in the AX start signing the mini break with James, 5-0, the Varese immediate response Avramovic and Cain, 5-4. High pace and spectacular play with Fontecchio signing two consecutive blocks, 13-7 with all points of the hosts on the axis James-Nedovic.

Varese Cain tries insistently area, outside guests do not punish the perimeter of the Milan defense. Arriva 9 until the margin of the samples of Italy forced to a quintet more “short” from the second penalty Tarczewski added to the absence of Gudaitis. Calanus in a sensitive way the percentages on both sides with the first quarter closed at 17-12.

Needlepoint that does not change even in the opening minutes of the second period, flare-Archie and Avramovic one hand, Della Valle and James for the Italian champions, 29-23 at 16 ‘. Even former Pana protagonist in the first double digit lead stamped by Brooks in transition, 34-23, Ronald Moore avoids tearing of new hosts to the long break, 37-28. It does not give the coach ranks Caja even after the long break, immediately Scrubb report and Moore, 37-33.

Much more responsive Openjobmetis forcing three turnovers spun the AX, Scrubb seal the 10-0 that is overtaking, 37-38. Milan not received that attempts to shake with Fontecchio (two triples in a row). Salt the intensity of the race Varese which also enhances the triple, lucky, of Tambone, 44-45. Derby becomes a battle, Fontecchio become the unusual go-to-guy AX, Mike James holds back the Italian champions with a buzzer beater of 51-49 at the second last siren.

A rebound continues the domain of guests who attempt the tear in the last opening fraction, Scrubb and a 2 + 1 Avramovic bring the most 7, 51-58. James plays the position for the Milanese biancorossi, 5 points former Omegna and a triple angle of Nedovic 9-0 in which remits Milan with a vantage point, 59-58. Increase the revs defensive aggressiveness the team coach Pianigiani, the other half of the field continues Mike James Show, 65-60.

Brooks and Tarczewski show the muscles in the area, this time the board is friend AX with Della Valle that puts the 8, 68-60. Archie driving the last assaults of red and white guests, Varese never dies and is less than 3 with 17 seconds to play, dunk Scrubb, 70-67. Burns are free to put the royal seal to the success of Milan. (Mark Taminelli) AX MILAN: James 27, Della Valle 10, Nedovic 9. OPENJOBMETIS VARESE: Avramovic 16, 13 Archie, Moore and Scrubb 12.

PESARO-TRENTO 65-77 E ‘Trento and spend a happy Christmas. At Vitrifrigo Arena, the Eagle is the first away win of the season, while the Vuelle stumbles in the third k.o. a row and appears confused and fragile in attack and in defense.

VL Pesaro-Dolomiti Energia Trentino the game – 3 ‘is 6-2, Pesaro remains on until 6’, when Marble steals the ball and runs counter to the 12-13 of 6 ‘. At 9 ‘it is 24-16 with 9 Blackmon points, but the second quarter opened with a 18-4 break for Dolomiti Energia, which takes the inertia with a stellar Mian (28-34 to 14’). Blackmon is at an altitude of three fouls at 16 ‘, Trento 30-39 on the fly at 16’, and the score is 23-6 for the guests, who have a very good defensive transition with a Mian from 13 points in the second fraction and a Craft from 7 assists.

Pesaro lost 10 balls against Mockevicius 5. (19 rebounds!) Began the second half with 9 points in 4 ‘and breathes Vuelle: 45-47 at 24’. At 29 ‘is 50-58, Trento is physical and deep, short Pesaro and without ideas. The boys Buscaglia are triple in number and remain on. The Vuelle wins third quarter, falls on 56-58, but you reject (56-64 to 35 ‘).

At 37 ‘is 59-68, Trento remains in control and the result is not in question, despite the 47% from the line of Grassland and companions. And ’61-75 at 39’, the Dolomiti Energia sends four men in double figures (double for Craft, capturing 10 rebounds) and Vuelle – 20 turnovers – out between the whistles. The blanket is too short. (Camilla Cataldo) Pesaro: McCree and Blackmon 17, 15. Mockevicius Trento: Craft 15, 14 Marble, Mian 13.

TORINO-PISTOIA 86-80 Fiat Torino is offering a win for Christmas, surpassing Pistoia 86-80 at the end of a difficult match, which saw the yellow and blue in the lead for the first time at 1 ‘from the end. Fiat Torino-Oriora Pistoia the game – the game Start of low rates and a prevalence Pistoia: Tuscan dragged by Auda and Peak try to escape immediately after touching the +10 4 ‘game http://1xbet (4-14).

Coach Brown uses the timeout to try to stop the red and white patterns, but at the exit from the benches Ramagli men still have the upper hand (7-21). On the final fourth triple by Delfino and Moore manage to sweeten the partial (13-21). In the second village Torino takes courage and inspired by the usual Moore manages to get back in contact (25-27).

In the best moment of Turin, Pistoia returns to the charge: the 11-0 of Tuscan restores distances, with the first time that closes on 36-50. In the second half the Fiat refers below: a great Carr (12 points only in the third quarter) halves the disadvantage bringing gialloblu to -6 (50-56). As in the previous fraction maximum effort of Turin has a reaction of Pistoia: Fiat, however, he is always ready and able to close the third quarter with unchanged distance (62-67).

In Turin it serves two minutes of the last decade to find the even (69-69) with Moore. The draw inflames the game: the guests try to sink, but Turin is attentive and respond blow for blow and the two teams find themselves on 80 of 60 ” at the end. Last minute high voltage: Torino the lead to +3 with Moore and Delfino, K. Johnson body triples can draw, but missed giving the same Carlos dell’86-80 the ball to the victory in Turin. (Salvatore Macheda) Turin: Moore 26, Carr 16, 14.

Pistoia Jaiteh: Peak 16, D. Johnson 15, Auda 14. REGGIO EMILIA-TRIESTE 71-84 First away win for Trieste to storm the Palabigi thanks to a last quarter former star Chris Wright, author of 14 points in the final sprint, supported by a super Peric (17 points and 15 rebounds). For Reggio instead comes the second consecutive defeat and a route plan worrying gear that still relegated to last place in the rankings.

The only ones to escape are Mussini (12 points and 3 assists) and Ortner (14 points and 6 fouls drawn), evil instead K. C. Rivers (4/15 shooting). Grissin Bon Reggio Emilia-Alma Trieste THE GAME – Trieste part with high speed and at the end of the first quarter was ahead by 13 (12-25) Jamarr Sanders is already in double figures (10 points) and William Mosley follows the wheel ( 8), with 100% from the field.

Reggio sinking up to -18 (14-32 at 12 ‘) without being able to react to the blows inflicted by the adversary. The 1-3-1 zone Cagnardi returns a bit ‘fastness Emilian defense that limits damage and goes to rest halving the disadvantage (35-44), despite an uncontrollable Mosley (7/7 2). With the Fernandez triple the Alma test proceed to sea, but the entry into the field of a great Mussini shakes her Bon Grissin that clings to the game (50-58 at 30 ‘).

The Reggio Emilia elf charging the team on his shoulders bringing her up to -2 (61-63 to 33 ‘), but the former Chris Wright hit a pair of jumpers from the media and with a pad by applause, bringing Trieste at a safe distance (61-69 to 35 ‘).

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