Hurt foundation, as an organization has adopted as its prime goal to provide relevant and holistic awareness to the society about human rights. Hurt does not believe in only taking a stand when human rights are undermined, but to be proactive in order to actually achieve results. We believe that by sensitizing people to the issue of human rights violation, we can proactively channel that sensitivity as a tool for social change. It can also be used to encourage individuals from diverse backgrounds to engage in a dialogue, not only in social and political spheres but also in individual mindsets. Hurt is a team of committed individuals from diverse backgrounds and with every passing year, our collective has grown by way of volunteers and students. Hurt believes in promoting the basic principles of respecting others rights which would automatically elicit a similar understanding from the other.


The HURT (Human Rights) Foundation is an independent, non-partisan, non governmental organization, mandated to ensure the practical realization of human rights across the country and world. A group of like-minded advocates practising at Bombay High Court were deeply appalled and anguished at the abysmal situation of human rights violations in the country as also in the world. There were several incidents around the same time where state machinery either turned into mute spectators or perpetrators resulting into gross abuse of human rights. This is more significant in the view that the Protection of Human Rights Act was passed one year later in 1993, which laid the foundation of the National Human Rights Commission and provided for the establishment of State Human Rights Commissions in different states.


Through its awareness courses, workshops, training programmes, field-action programmes, advocacy and other related activities, HURT Foundation continuously endeavours to raise human-rights friendly groups of citizens and public officials to realize the goal of establishing a just social, economic and political order in the society. The objectives of the HURT Foundation are to promote awareness of and adherence to the Constitution of India, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and other internationally recognized human rights instruments, as well as in-country laws and policies that support human rights.